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Sometimes, we find that we are missing something in our relationship. We’re in love, we get married and we think we have it all together. But over time, we realize that something just doesn’t seem right.
It’s like going on a long trip, getting to the hotel, and realizing you forgot to pack something really important.  
You packed your love, partnership, even financial security- but when rough spots come in life or things get uncomfortable-  you find that you forgot to pack your friendship!
Things get tough, maybe your partner is getting on your nerves or you’re not as in love as you used to be, you realize something is missing.  
So many things get in the way (kids, careers, financial obligations)- you care about each other- but somehow, you forgot the importance of just being friends.
Oftentimes, couples don’t know what they need until they need it…
It’s like packing for a long trip- there are certain items you just shouldn’t forget-
Your toothbrush or deodorant.  Don’t forget your medications, your spending money- things you don’t want to go back to get, or have to go downstairs to the front desk and ask for
On a trip- no one wants to leave their comfortable room to go find what they need from somewhere else – you want to make sure you packed everything
Same with marriage- you don’t want to leave where you are to go find what you need from somewhere else- this can lead to abandonment, emotional neglect- even affairs
So in the early stages of marriage- look at the big picture- “What do I need to be happy in this relationship?”
Whatever those needs are, don’t forget to pack your friendship!
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