FronTerra by Sarah Stearns and Anna TerechshenkonnAn excerpt of a 45 minute dance-theater piece exploring the emotional impact of crossing a border. This excerpt is a choreography created around a poem by Russian poet Mikhail Svetlov: “I do not know where the border is between North and South. I do not know where the border is between fire and smoke. I do not know where the border is between a comrade and a friend.”nnIn the full piece, through dance, poetry and a visual world of strings, cloth and branches overflowing from an antique suitcase, we explore that which ties us down and that which sets us free. What does it mean to cross a border?nSarah, an American, was born in a country built by immigrants but increasingly closed off to the world. Anna, from the Ukraine, was born in the Soviet Union, a country that no longer exists, and has lived through war in her region. They found each other in the European Union, a region constructed on the idea of open borders, at a moment when nationalism is resurging across our globalized world. nDeparting from folk traditions of our very different cultural backgrounds, we interweave these with stories of immigration in our two countries and the European Union. Framed through the motif of migratory birds, we investigate the drawing of borders over the face of the Earth and how humans interact with them.

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