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Yuji, Megumi, & Nobara are the main characters of Jujutsu Kaisen who develop a strong bond & take on curses together.
Jujutsu Kaisen is shonen’s newest supernatural hit, and it was a fan-favorite for the 2020 anime season. Part of Jujutsu Kaisen‘s appeal lies in its three main characters: Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, and Nobara Kugisaki. These three form the obligatory team that often takes center stage in action-packed shonen series, and their friendship is a focal point in the series’ dynamic.
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Each of them has a distinct personality that contributes to the group chemistry and makes for amusing interactions. But even though each of their temperaments couldn’t be any more different than the others, these three have demonstrated a strong friendship over the course of the series.
Megumi and Yuji demonstrate a strong companionship right from the beginning of the series. Megumi is tracking down one of Sukuna’s fingers, a special-grade cursed item that’s dangerous in the hands of those who don’t know its source. Yuji coincidentally finds one of the fingers and gives it to his occult-loving upperclassman, who wants to unseal it out of curiosity. But Megumi knows that strong curses will inevitably hunt down the finger and kill in order to possess it. Despite his own inexperience and Megumi’s warnings to stay back, Yuji charges in to help him fight the curses anyway.
At the end of the first episode, Yuji does the unthinkable and eats Sukuna’s finger in a gambit to get some cursed energy to help with Megumi’s fight. But Yuji couldn’t have known the effects of eating Sukuna’s finger without more information and his body was taken over. Luckily, Gojo shows up shortly after, who’s able to confirm Yuji’s mastery over Sukuna’s influence in his body. Megumi acknowledges that Yuji needs to be executed per Jujutsu regulations, but he still asks Gojo to prevent Yuji’s execution as a “personal” request.
Jujutsu Kaisen takes place in Tokyo, Japan, an ultra-modern metropolis that’s a worldwide sightseeing destination. And as far as Japan goes, Tokyo is one of its most advanced cities that impresses its own citizens. Nobara and Yuji come from the Japanese countryside where the population is sparse and big cities are non-existent.
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Going to Tokyo was an exciting event that both of them could gush over since they hadn’t spent any time in the big city. In fact, Yuji and Nobara’s country background is a running gag throughout the series.
For their first assignment together, Yuji, Nobara, and Megumi are tasked with locating survivors in a detention center that’s housing a cursed womb. Unfortunately, the cursed womb is housing a special-grade curse that’s managed to create its own Innate Domain, albeit incomplete. Once the trio finds themselves locked up inside the Domain, Yuji and Nobara panic since the way out has vanished. But Megumi assures them that his Divine Dogs remember the scent of the entrance, so they’ll manage to get back out. Yuji praises Megumi as dependable since Megumi can put both him and Nobara at ease.
It’s not long after the start of their first mission before Yuji and Megumi run into the special-grade cursed spirit that hatched from the cursed womb. Moments before encountering the spirit, Nobara had been pulled into a portal by another cursed spirit that she was fighting alone. Although they both knew there was a high likelihood that Yuji would die, Yuji persuaded Megumi into locating Nobara and retreating to safety before signaling that he made it out. Yuji’s goal was to turn his body over to Sukuna to defeat the special-grade spirit, but not until he could be sure Sukuna wouldn’t be able to hunt Nobara and Megumi down.
After successfully making it out of the Innate Domain at the detention center, Yuji successfully conjures Sukuna who proceeds to destroy the special-grade cursed spirit. However, Yuji isn’t able to immediately take control of his body again. Megumi allows Nobara to be taken off-site to safety, but he stays behind to wait for Yuji, trusting that he’ll come back to his senses. Sukuna leaves the Innate Domain and challenges Megumi to a fight, even taking Yuji’s body hostage. Despite Megumi’s understanding that he’s completely outmatched, he still thinks he can stall Sukuna long enough to give Yuji the opportunity to take back his body.
At the climax of Megumi’s standoff with Sukuna, Yuji is finally able to fend off Sukuna, despite Sukuna having eaten a second finger by that point. It’s Megumi’s dedication and spirit that ultimately brings Yuji back to his senses, indicating a sense of respect.
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The most touching moment of this scene is Megumi’s confession about why he has saved Yuji and that he doesn’t regret it. And it’s worth pointing out that Yuji takes control of his body again despite knowing he’ll die soon after.
After Yuji dies, Nobara and Megumi mourn together in their own way. While both are reluctant to admit how much Yuji means to them despite only knowing each other for a few weeks, they’re both clearly impacted by his passing. But when Gojo reveals Yuji has been alive the whole time, Megumi and Nobara are less than enthused. This reaction shouldn’t be interpreted as them not caring, though. In reality, both Nobara and Megumi are relieved but feel disappointed that their friend has kept his survival a secret until then.
Despite the lack of teamwork when Megumi tries to handle things on his own, it’s only because he has personal stakes with this particular curse, and he doesn’t want to pull Nobara and Yuji into it. The cursed spirit in question has marked his older sister, Tsumiki, with a curse that will eventually erupt and take her life. Megumi doesn’t want to reveal his past or involve Nobara and Yuji with his own perceived burdens, but he’s mistaken to believe they won’t insist on helping.
The Yasohachi Bridge curse incident leads Yuji, Nobara, and Megumi to Megumi’s previous middle school, which reveals how little Nobara and Yuji know about Megumi and his past. Since Megumi hasn’t opened up to them yet, he’s reluctant to let them accompany him to investigate the bridge. But Yuji and Nobara follow him anyway and chastise Megumi for not being honest with them even though they’re friends. Megumi ends up revealing some of his past during this arc and becomes closer to Nobara and Yuji.
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