Leftists Today – 8/6 Early Edition Top Stories

A TON of stories in the early Friday, 8/6 http://Leftists.today, summarizing the Top 10 articles & videos in today’s early https://IndependentLeft.news – your #1 source for ALL the best content on the political left in ONE place, free from corporate advertiser influence! Perspectives legacy media doesn’t want you to hear. #IndependentLeftTop5 #SupportIndependentMedia #M4M4ALL #news #analysis #leftists #FreeAssangeNOW #directaction #mutualaid #FreeCommanderXnnTop Headlines:n* �️ Pelosi kills Medicare For All bill for lack of votes: Mark Gruenberg, People’s Worldn* �️ Time’s Up co-founders helped Cuomo in draft letter attacking accuser: Peter Belfiore, The Daily Mail (UK)n* �️ ‘Like a Blowtorch’: Historic Dixie Fire ‘Catastrophically’ Destroys Greenville, California: Jessica Corbett, CommonDreamsn* �️ Facing Prison for Fighting Chevron: Greg Palastn* �️ Incrementalism For All Who Can Survive It: David Sirota, The Daily PosternnTop Videos:n* �️ War Monger Congressman Confronted By Reporter w/Max Blumenthal: The Jimmy Dore Show (17:19)n* �️ Why Nina Turner Lost To Shontel Brown: The Convo Couch (27:34)n* �️ Unsettling Truths about American Exceptionalism | Medea Benjamin & Mark Charles: JENerational Change (2:10:22)n* �️ A Killjoy LIVESTREAM: Free Speech is a Feminist Issue with Comrade Misty: The Killjoy Guide, Fred Hampton Leftists (2:00:00)n* �️ Richard Wolff Joined Fault Lines To Discuss The Ascending Power of China (40:59)nnhttps://independentleftnews.substack.com/p/leftists-today-86-early-edition-top?r=539iu&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&utm_source=facebooknnPlease ❤️/share/follow/subscribe on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube/Odysee/Vimeo/Substack/Telegram/Email nFind all our links at http://independentleft.media

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