Leftists Today – 8/6 Evening Edition Top Stories

Tonight’s top articles & videos in the Friday, 8/6 http://Leftists.today, summarizing the Top 10 stories in tonight’s late https://IndependentLeft.news, free from advertiser influence! The #1 source for ALL the best on the political left! Perspectives corporate media tries to bury.n#IndependentLeftTop5 #SupportIndependentMedia #M4M4ALL #news #analysis #leftists #FreeAssangeNOW #directaction #mutualaid #FreeCommanderXnnhttps://independentleftnews.substack.com/p/leftists-today-86-evening-edition?r=539iu&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&utm_source=facebooknnTop Headlines:n* �️ ‘Inexcusably Cruel’: 7.5 Million Set to Lose Jobless Benefits on Labor Day: Jake Johnson, CommonDreamsn* �️ Top Democrats Unite With Christian Far Right to Bash China: Alex Rubinsteinn* �️ Unity with The Democratic Party Cost Nina Turner the Election: Chris Gray, Socialist Alternativen* �️ Opinion | Is Humanity’s Return to Barbarism Unavoidable?: C.J. Polychroniou, CommonDreamsn* �️ Democrats Propose Medicare for a Few More Instead of Demanding Medicare for All: Ana Malinow, TruthoutnnTop Videos:n* �️ LIVE From Flint: Poisoned Flint Families’ Blood Lead Data Mysteriously Missing: Status Coup News (47:20)n* �️ NINA TURNER LOST?…FHL ANNOUNCEMENT w/ Killjoy Meg & Comrade Misty: Sabby Sabs (1:41:18)n* �️ Vaush Lies About Syria | Rania Khalek & Richard Medhurst (29:29)n* �️ #M4M4ALL NYC 7/24/21 – Katie Halper’s Pre-Recorded Speech – March for Medicare for All #M4A (4:25)n* �️ Is This The Beginning Of A New Labor Movement?: Second Thought (13:52)nnPlease ❤️/share/follow/subscribe on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube/Odysee/Vimeo/Substack/Telegram/EmailnFind all our links at http://independentleft.media

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