Leftists Today – 9/3 Early Edition Top Stories

Hot off the “presses!” The early Friday, 9/3 http://Leftists.today, summarizing the top articles & videos in today’s early https://IndependentLeft.news. Perspectives mega-corporate-controlled media (propaganda) doesn’t want you to hear. Breaking their narratives one at a time… It’s your #1 source for ALL the best content on the political left in ONE place, free from corporate advertiser influence! #IndependentLeftTop5 #SupportIndependentMedia #M4M4ALL #news #analysis #leftists #FreeAssangeNOW #directaction #mutualaid #FreeCommanderXnnhttps://independentleftnews.substack.com/p/leftists-today-93-early-edition-top?r=539iu&utm_source=vimeo&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=top-headlines-articles-summary-video&utm_content=vimeo-top-headlines-articles-summary-video-early-ed-09-03-21nnTop Videos:n* Why watch Punch Up Pod? w/ Leila Charles Leigh & Pat the Berner: Revolutionary Jargon with RJ (@comradecurls), Fred Hampton Leftists (7:43)n* Edelman PR and the Manufacturing of Trust by Johnny Vedmore (20:03)n* Roundtable week of September 2 w/ Comrade Misty!: Fred Hampton Leftists (2:00:48)n* The Con | Bad Executives: The Con, Real Progress in Action (2:18)n* TO HELL & BACK EP 10 9/02/21: w/ Craig “Pasta” Jardula & Chanda Masta, ROAR Media (7:06)nnTop Headlines:n* At least 43 dead as massive storm ravages US northeast: Sandy English, WSWSn* Meet A Climate Change Fighter by Erin Brockovich (@erinbrockovich) & Suzanne Boothby (@suzannewriting)n* Right Wingers Have Been Disrupting School Board Meetings. Why?: Lauren Elizabeth (@xlauren_mx)n* GOP bill targeting how race, slavery and history are taught in Texas schools heads to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk: Brian Lopez, The Texas Tribunen* Maryland Office of People’s Counsel Wants to Put an End to Utilities Charging Customers for Corporate Trade Group Dues – Corporate Crime ReporternnPlease ❤️/share/follow/subscribe on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube/Odysee/Vimeo/Substack/Telegram/EmailnFind all our links at http://independentleft.media

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