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Fans are always reminded that it isn’t friendship island, yet these bonds are perhaps stronger than the romances in Love Island UK!
It’s true that Love Island UK really launched the Love Island brand in 2015 after a previous celebrity stint that had been canceled. There have been some really memorable romances over the years and some continuous couples, but every series has a friendship that could be considered closer than some of the love-based partnerships.
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Fans love a bromance, a fierce female friendship, and the general bonding that takes place within the villa. Often these friendships can last longer than the couples themselves and some contestants have been continually voted into the show based purely on a friendship rather than any potential for love.
Life in the villa can seemingly be pretty boring considering there’s not actually that much to do. Each villa needs someone that can lift everyone’s spirits therefore and Nas Majeed was always that person in Season 6 of the show. The problem was that he really struggled to find love.
As one of the early favorites of the show, Nas found himself in numerous friendship couples as the whole villa came together to try and keep him in the series. His ultimate downfall would be through surprisingly betraying Demi Jones by returning from Casa Amor with a new partner. He left the show soon after.
Fans always love to get behind a bromance and no one was perhaps stronger as a couple than Curtis Pritchard and Tommy Fury, the dancer and the boxer. They initially entered the villa together and found strong relationships with Molly-Mae Hague and Amy Hart respectively.
Although Curtis would stray and found himself with other partnerships, he respected Tommy’s loyalty to Molly with the duo making it into the final four in their respective couples. They came from very different worlds but their love for each other was clear to see and they have since had spin-off shows with one another.
Luke Trotman and Luke Mabbtt quickly found themselves affectionately referred to as Luke T and Luke M but the duo actually formed quite a firm friendship. They both seemed wise beyond their years and gave one another genuinely brilliant advice in lots of difficult situations.
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It was a year with very little major drama, with a cast of characters that were all genuinely nice. It was that decency that perhaps drew the two boys together, and the two made it to the end by getting into the final three in their own couples. They displayed absolutely no toxic masculinity and instead were happy to show their love for one another from the moment they walked in together.
Both Ovie Soko and Amber Gills can be considered two of the most popular contestants to have ever stepped foot in Love Island UK. With Casa Amor completely changing the dynamic, Ovie came in and quickly found friendship within Amber, who seemed to appreciate his calm demeanor.
After Micahel Griffiths betrayed Amber’s trust, Ovie was a good shoulder to cry on. They formed a friendship couple for a time before each would move on to India Reynolds and Greg O’Shea respectively. Ovie made it into the final three while Amber won the show; a huge reason for this was because of their friendship becoming so popular with audiences.
There were some classic episodes in Season 6 of the show, a series that overall felt far nicer than other installments of Love Island. There were plenty of friendships to enjoy and everyone was happy for any of the couples to eventually win. It would be Paige Turley and Shaughna Phillips’ friendship that stood out the most though.
They were sarcastic, loyal, and happy to sit and chat for hours with one another. Finn Tapp accepted the fact that Shaughna essentially became a third member of their couple after her brutal Casa Amor dumping by Callum Jones. Although Shaughna would leave the villa, the partial popularity of their friendship propelled Finn and Paige to become the winners of the season.
Lauren Richardson and Josh Ritchie went on quite different paths when first entering the villa. While Lauren couldn’t seem to find a couple for herself instead being in plenty of friendships, Josh fell head over heels for eventual winner Jess Hayes before moving on to Naomi Ball.
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However, when those couples broke down, he found himself in a new friendship couple with Lauren. The two hit it off and fans loved the hilarious dynamic that they had going. Although Josh might have initially been controversial, they made history ultimately by becoming the first friendship couple to make it to third place on Love Island. 
Strong female friendships are always loved in the villa and it’s fair to say that Love Island UK has potentially featured better duos than the US version. Anna Vakili and Amber Gill are amongst the most memorable of these friends, with the two having a ride-or-die attitude in every confrontation.
Through the conflicts with Micahel and Anna’s own eventual dramatic break-up with Jordan Hames, the two girls continued to support one another throughout. Anna was happy to cheer on her best friend as she went on to win the final and the two continue to maintain that relationship.
Was there ever a more famous duo from Love Island than Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay? The two were inseparable and arguably a bit more successful than their own couples long-term. They had a small music career and always managed to keep the villa upbeat.
They were famously happy to show their affection for one another, usually cuddling when they felt a bit down. As bromances go there isn’t anything stronger and the two made a career out of appearing with one another after the villa. Of course, both Chris and Kem made it to the final three with Kem himself winning alongside Amber Davies.
This year’s Love Island might have had a controversial finish that had fans jumping back to the US version of the show, but a highlight of the series had to be the friendship that developed between Kaz Kamwi and Liberty Poole. Seemingly from day one, they knew something was there between them.
Although Liberty would experience heartbreak ultimately, breaking up from partner Jake Cornish and leaving the show, Kaz was always there for her when she needed her. They were comfortable in one another’s company and audiences were drawn to their connection, with Kaz eventually coming fourth in the series alongside partner Tyler Cruickshank.
Amber Davies might have won her season of Love Island but she would never have made it as far if it wasn’t for best friend Olivia Attwood, with who she still maintains a close relationship with today. They were absolutely hilarious together and their chemistry resonated with viewers.
Through all the drama they had each other’s back, acknowledging that they were more than just a fun duo. Although Amber’s victory might have come alongside Kem, Olivia wouldn’t be far behind at third place alongside Chris. This was probably the best double dating team that the series has produced.
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