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There was plenty of romance on Lucifer, but many of the best relationships were platonic friendships (some of which blossomed into more).
While the main storyline in Lucifer is about the “will-they-won’t they” romance between Lucifer and Chloe — sprinkled with all of Lucifer’s more clever quotes — there are a number of great friendships on the show as well. While some of them crossed the line into romantic territory at one point in time or another, they are all quite strong, representing true bonds between two people.
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There’s something to say about two people who would literally die for each other. (And on a show like Lucifer, many of these people have actually done just that.) When it comes to a number of the pairs on Lucifer, these friendship bonds are the ones that can’t be broken.
Chloe and Dan are the poster couple for co-parenting, taking a completely mature route when it comes to their relationship. While their marriage didn’t work out for a number of reasons, they manage to continue to work together without issue, and equally share parenting of their daughter Trixie.
Not only that, but they offer advice to each other when it comes to relationships and support each other no matter what. It’s admirable how their divorce was so seamless and resulted in a friendship that anyone would wish to have. It’s one of the reasons fans love Dan from Lucifer.
While they should be bitter rivals, given that Maze is a demon and Amenadiel an angel, circumstance brought them together, even if that circumstance was her desire to kill him. And while they probably didn’t have genuine feelings for each other — they were brought together romantically by temptation for different reasons — the love they have for each other as friends is unbreakable.
Despite their anger toward each other and their constant disagreements, particularly when it came to Lucifer and how his rebellious nature should be handled, it’s clear they truly care about each other as friends.
Dan and Amenadiel shared a close friendship before Dan even knew who Amenadiel truly was. Something about how much of a “regular guy” Dan was drew Amenadial to him. Meanwhile, Dan needed a friend like Amenadiel who was completely devoid of judgement.
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Together, they made a perfect pair. Their differing personalities meshed well, and they became true friends who listened to each other, offered each other advice, and would be there for each other reliably and with a moment’s notice. One of the funniest scenes on Lucifer was when Dan, believed he was in trouble and needing to get hours away in a hurry, begged Amenadial to show up and become his angel “uber” to fly him back into town.
It’s true that the bond between Mazikeen and Dan was born out of violence when they took down a warehouse full of gang members and slyly sent the Russian mob to kill a bad guy who was involved in one of Dan’s cases. Nonetheless, Mazikeen helped Dan out of a funk. Sure, she appealed to his dark side (as any demon would do), but at the time, Dan needed something to help him through tough times. He had just lost his love Charlotte and was having a difficult time coping.
What’s more, when Maze found out Dan was in trouble, believing that he had been kidnapped, she was out for blood. It’s clear she cared more for him from a genuine level then she ever really let on.
Their relationship began based on a lie, but once Linda learned the truth about Lucifer, and Amenadiel, she couldn’t help but be drawn to them despite feeling betrayed at first. She was particularly drawn to Amenadiel. Eventually, she developed romantic feelings for him, and he for her. They had one of the best kisses on Lucifer when they first locked lips.
Linda, however, made the ultimate sacrifice for her friend Maze and put her feelings for Amenadiel aside, even after she had his baby. As co-parents who clearly still have feelings for one another, their friendship will likely turn romantic again. But as friends, they make the perfect team.
Linda was exactly what Maze needed in that she served as both a friend and a therapist. Linda always knew the right thing to say, and once she discovered Maze’s true identity as a demon (and eventually came to terms with it), she showed Maze that she was still deserving of love and friendship.
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Meanwhile, Maze helped Linda let loose sometimes. More than that, she proved that Linda always had someone in her corner who would literally kill for her. Maze told Linda as much on many occasions, pulling out her trusty knives whenever Linda implied someone had hurt or upset her, ready to take them down.
Linda and Lucifer’s relationship started out purely as an exchange of physical love for therapy. But as it progressed, they became important confidants for one another. They called each other friends, and each of them went out of their way to help the other.
The friendship was solidified when Linda, accusing Lucifer of always being out for his own selfish interests when she believed the biological daughter she gave up for adoption was going to be in trouble, discovered that he really did genuinely care about her and was doing whatever he could to clear her name.
Maze and Lucifer’s relationship literally lasted for millennia, so the fact that they remained as close as they did despite being at each other’s side for so lon, proves just how enduring their friendship was.
They had their moments, even physically fighting and threatening to kill one another (par for the course for those who literally emerged from Hell). In the end, Maze, who rivaled her boss for some of the best outfits on Lucifer, would always look out for and be there for Lucifer, and he did the same for her. Many predict, in fact, in some Reddit theories about Lucifer, that he might give Lilith’s ring to Maze in the end.
The friendsip between Lucifer and Trixie is one of the series’ most unexpected considering that she is a child and Lucifer is not shy about noting his distaste for kids. Still, there was something different about Trixie. Perhaps it’s her naïve obliviousness to the fact that Lucifer didn’t want to be friends, combined with the fact that she is Chloe’s daughter, that caused Lucifer to warm to her.
By the end, Lucifer was playing board games with Trixie and even babysitting her.He told Chloe that he would do anything to protect the little girl, and he proved it when he pulled her to safety when bad guys appeared with guns at his apartment.
Lucifer and Chloe’s friendship always had romantic undertones, so when they finally got together, it was one of the plot twists on Lucifer that fans saw coming. Beyond the romantic relationship, though, they were also great friends.
Both proved they would literally die to save the other. When one wasn’t around, the other was sad and depressed. They confided in each other and did the small things that friends do for each other, making their friendship the best on the show, even if it eventually blossomed into much more.
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