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The news that Sidharth Shukla is no more has come as a shock to all his fans, family, friends and the entertainment industry at large. The actor died due to a heart attack at just 40 and we all know that the man was a fitness freak.
one person with whom he had a beautiful bond which cannot be forgotten is his camaraderie with his former Bigg Boss 13 co-contestant Shehnaaz Gill. They met inside the BB13 house and soon became thick friends or maybe more. Their bond gave us friendship goals like none other. The show gained massive TRP with him and Shehnaaz being one of the prime reasons. The show ended with Sid being the winner but what kept growing and stayed with us was the purity of their friendship which gave us major Friendship goals. Here are 4 takeaways in their honour, which we all must learn from.
A genuine friend is someone who stays by your side through thick and thin and that is exactly what the duo did. Sidharth would jump into the arena whenever anyone said anything mean about Shehnaaz or even close. He would defend her like a guardian and that made many envious as this kind of bond is very rare these days. He did not spare anyone and he once famously tweeted: “Main jab dosti karta hun toh mehenge saste ki fikr nahi karta”. How many people are ready to do that for you out in the open?
Shehnaaz has always been very frank about her English speaking skills. But when she did an ad for a brand where she spoke a few lines in the language, Sidharth cheered her on. Instead of making fun of your friend, what is expected of you is that you encourage them to do better by supporting their move, recognising their effort in public and instill confidence in the other person! That is pure friendship, a genuine bond.

Look at your phone, jog your memory, how many people can you call at any given time without hesitation? How many people say that you call me anytime but then you know that those are just words? Shehnaz found Sidharth and her search was over! In a video from Bigg Boss 13, Sidharth was seen telling Shehnaaz that she should call him whenever she wants to talk. He said: “In life if you ever have a problem, you call me. Even when you turn 70, and if I am alive till then, feel free to call me.” A hard hitting line we cannot forget.
The two would fight often during the show and it was for the world to see. However, they would always reconcile and not let it ruin their friendship. Many people have huge egos and this hinders their relationships with everyone. But SidNaaz was always strong in that arena. A trait we all must try to imbibe.
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