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On Survivor, some contestants shy away from creating real bonds out of fear of breaking them, but others embrace their allies are true friends.
Reality TV contestants often say in their confessionals that they didn’t come on the show to make friends. On a show such as Survivor, in which voting one’s opponenets off the island is an integral part of the game, many contestants shy away from forming real bonds out of fear of having to break them and deal with the repercussions.
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However, a lot of strong friendships do come out of Survivor and result in lifelong relationships outside of the game. Castaways spend 24 hours a day with their tribemates and either grow to really love them or absolutely despise them. When friendships are born out of a game of deceit and mistrust, it is all the more indicative of how a true friend behaves.
Michele and Julia first became friends when they were placed on the same starting tribe on the 32nd season of Survivor.
The two were placed on the ‘Beauty’ tribe and would go on to remain aligned well into the merge until Michele strategically voted her best friend out. Julia held no hard feelings, however, and campaigned for Michele to win the million dollars. Post-show, the two were temporarily roommates and continue to show support for each other on social media.
Parvati Shallow and Ethan Zohn came into Survivor: Winners At War as iconic winners and friends outside of the show. Ethan even introduced Parvati to her (now estranged) husband and fellow Survivor alum, John Fincher.
Because of their friendship outside of the game, Parvati and Ethan made season 40 that much more enjoyable to watch. Their yoga dates on the edge of extinction were adorable, as was the endless support they showed each other when competing in challenges or having rough days. They were true friends, and continue to be in real life.
Todd and Courtney became allies early on in Survivor: China because Todd and Amanda were the only two people on her tribe that Courtney didn’t completely hate. She decided to trust the two of them but was closer with Todd for the majority of the game.
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Todd and Courtney’s friendship was special because it was unexpected at times. In confessionals, she slandered most of her tribemates, but never Todd, actually proving to genuinely care about him. Even now, years later, Todd and Courtney remain close and maintain the bond they first shared on the island, with her supporting him through sobriety and both congratulating each other on their respective marriages.
Kelley and Lauren formed one of the sweetest friendships on season 38 of Survivor. It was Kelley’s third time playing and Lauren’s first, and Lauren was a total fangirl for the star of Second Chance.
Lauren looked up to her new teammate, and Kelley took Lauren under her wing and showed her the Survivor ropes. Even when Lauren ended up outlasting her hero, Kelley rooted Lauren on from the controversial “Edge of Extinction” twist. Their friendship remains one of the strongest as they frequently post love letters to each other on social media, as well as pictures and videos of them reuniting.
Gabby and Christian were Survivor soulmates. They first met when they were placed on the David tribe of Survivor: David vs. Goliath and Gabby asked the most vulnerable question a Survivor player can ask, “Do you want to play with me?”
Of course, Christian wasn’t sure whether she meant in the sand or in the game, but once he got clarity the two formed a tight, nearly unbreakable alliance. Christian comforted her when she cried and Gabby helped him let his guard now and shown emotion. While their friendship outside of the game remains strong, it was broken within the game when Gabby tried to blindside her best friend and ended up getting herself voted out of Survivor instead.
It’s not often that an entire cast of Survivor players gets along swimmingly, but when it does, lifelong friendships are born from it.
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Season 33 of Survivor had one of the best casts to date, and the bonds that have remained from the days on the beach are awe-spiring. Specifically, the love and support the cast continuously showed for Sunday Burquest, who played seventh, amid her battle with cancer. Everyone reunited for Zoom events and fundraisers, putting island feuds behind them and speaking highly of everyone they shared their Survivor days with.
Dom and Wendell were one of the best bromances in recent seasons of Survivor, aligning early on in Ghost Island and remaining loyal to each other for the entire duration of the game.
Even when others tried to conspire for either of them to blindside their best friend, Dom and Wendell refused to betray the alliance they had created. At the very end of the game, when the final votes for the winner of Survivor came back in a tie, the two men were fully supportive of the other winning the grand prize, even if it meant losing. Money was never more important than this legendary friendship.
Elisabeth and Roger were one of the first solid Survivor friendships, and undoubtedly one of the strongest to ever grace the show.
Roger saw Elisabeth as a daughter and protected her with his life, while Elisabeth saw Roger as a father figure and remained loyal to him for the entire duration of the game. Their most wholesome moment was revealed in an extra from the second season, in which Roger gave Elisabeth a rock shaped like a heart to give to her boyfriend back home.
Malcolm and Denise formed an unbreakable bond when they were the last two members of the Matsing tribe standing. Their former tribe was dissolved and they were placed onto opposing teams but found their way back to each other after the merge.
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Malcolm and Denise were one of the more unlikely duos that Survivor has created, with Malcolm being the strong, young man and Denise being the capable and tough older woman. The two became best friends, but knew there was no way either would win sitting next to the other. Their friendship is one of the best simply due to Malcolm’s fangirling and support of Denise during her Winners at War run, and how the two can simply not say enough wonderful things about each other.
Sarah and Tony formed the legendary alliance “Cops R Us” during one of the first few days of Survivor: Cagayan. Sarah could read Tony’s police officer persona from a mile away, even when he tried to hide it by lying and saying he worked in construction.
While their alliance didn’t go the distance the first time around, they tried it again when competing on Winners at War. This time, Sarah and Tony stuck true to their promises to each other and protected each other with their badges and their lives. Their journey came full circle when they competed in the final four fire-making challenge, and Sarah hugged Tony and wished him the best of luck. They were friends until the end, and Sarah voted to make Tony Vlachos the second two-time Survivor winner.
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