Water Protectors Halt Work at New Pump Station

08/20/2021 Floodwood MN 3 people locked down at the gates of the Enbridge Gowan Pump Station. 2 people locked themselves to concrete filled barrels, a 3rd comrade sat in a tripod 20 feet above the Enbridge gate. Water protectors stood arm in arm protecting their comrades. 32 arrests by St Louis County cops, including a Mille Lacs elder, Tania Aubid. Call the St Louis County Jail and demand their immediate release. [email protected] #StopLine3 #NoLine3 Video by 3to5nnFROM PRESS RELEASE: August, 20th 2021 As Construction on Line 3 Pipeline Nears Completion, Water Protectors Halt Work at New Pump Station in Ongoing Campaign of Resistance. nn(Floodwood, MN) Early Friday morning, more than 50 water protectors staged a non-violent direct action to shut down construction of the Gowan North pump station on the Line 3 tar sands pipeline. They blockaded both entrances to the pump station with striking blockades. At one gate, someone ascended a tripod, blocking the entrance road. The Gowan North pump station is one of the last active construction sites on the pipeline route, and is a new facility intended to increase the capacity of Line 3. By midday, police had begun arresting peaceful water protectors at the site.nnConstruction of the Line 3 pipeline, owned by Canadian company Enbridge, has drawn fierce resistance over the past nine months, with over 700 people having been arrested for taking nonviolent direct action to halt work since December. Despite facing repression through the use of chemical weapons and felony theft charges, Water Protectors protectors have continued to resist construction on the frontlines, as well as through litigation and grassroots organizing compelling elected officials to take action.

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