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Dear Abbey: I had a former high school classmate and I’ve been pretty close to him for years. He was there for me when I was the worst, and I was there for him too. He lives a few hours away, but we talked almost every day in addition to being on social media.
A few months ago, I stopped contacting him and his social media profile went dark. I was sick, so I googled him and was shocked to see him arrested! It wasn’t a violent crime, but it was just as scary. He called me several times from prison and declared his innocence-always demanding money. Abby, I live from salary to salary. Even if you have extra money, you will be reluctant to give it to him.
It was damaged and worn out. Some of me say we need to end our friendship. The other part says he needs a friend now, and that’s not my place to judge him. I didn’t really know what to do, so I refused to accept his last few calls. Your thoughts are welcome. -Blind in Pennsylvania
Dear Blind: This person hasn’t used you yet-yet. The next time he contacts you, get a call. When you do, make it clear that you can provide moral support, but you can’t give him money because you live from salary to salary. He may not contact you after that. But if he keeps asking, take a big step back and admit that this friendship carried out the course.
Dear Abbey: My husband and I have been together for three years. He recently returned to his home state 1,000 miles away and thought it would be a two-day trip to get something from his deceased mother’s home. He’s been almost unemployed for the past year because of a pandemic, so I’m somewhat inconsistent with what he told me when I asked when he was going home. He said he found a job, stayed there, and decided to work for months to save enough money to pay off most of our debt.
He didn’t talk to me before making this decision. He told me that he and his sister and aunt had arranged a safe haven for COVID. The kind of work he does there is what he can do here where our house is. I don’t want to discourage him, but his work 1,000 miles away confuses me. What if something happens to me or our animals? When I told him I didn’t agree with his decision, he told me I should be happy that he wasn’t unemployed anymore. How should I handle this? -Far away in Missouri
Dear distant: Your husband shouldn’t have worked 1,000 miles away without first talking to you. That said, what has been done is done and we need to get it done. There is nothing to stop you from visiting. Fortunately, you and the animals are all doing well. He can always quit his job and come back if circumstances change.
When the time comes, welcome your debt-free husband to your house. If similar work is available in your own community, you have enough time for two of you to hash the person who caused him to make such a destructive decision.
Dear Abbey, was written by Abigail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, and founded by her mother, Pauline Phillips.Contact Dear Abbey Or PO Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA90069.
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Dear Abby: Prison ruling complicates long-standing friendships | Dear Abby
Source link Dear Abby: Prison ruling complicates long-standing friendships | Dear Abby


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