Friendship house making more room for Afghan refugees – WDBJ7

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) – Friendship House has found two additional houses to purchase.
Executive Director Aaron Dowdy says last week, a partner offered the houses in the same neighborhood as Friendship House at a steep discount. An estimated $264,000 is needed for the project, which includes the purchase of two homes, renovations, and increased staffing.
The organization has been helping to resettle refugees in America for the past four years.
Since last month, they’ve assisted nearly 100 refugees fleeing Afghanistan find a safe place to live.
Dowdy says the new space will help provide temporary housing for three additional families, adding up to around 12 families per year.
”We work with them too, if they need help finding a job, to job placement, to learn English, help with school supplies, food clothing furniture, whatever they need to get started,” says Dowdy.
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