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There are many companion quests in The Outer Worlds, and Felix has a particularly interesting backstory. Here’s everything you need to do.
The companions in The Outer Worlds are amazing. Each one is either funny, interesting, or both. And they all have quests that let you get to know them better, thus making them even more compelling. In the case of Felix, his mission is named Friendship's Due.
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It all begins when your ally is contacted by an old friend. The two of you then get caught up in a story of deceit and betrayal. Fighting is not the main focus of this quest, as it tests your conversational skills more than your aim. Plus, the mission tasks you with making a few difficult decisions, which isn't a surprise for The Outer Worlds. Here's how to get through it all.
You can only trigger this mission if you've recruited Felix and bonded with him. Then at some point after the Radio Free Monarch quest, speak with your companion, and he should bring up his friend Harlow. He explains that his old buddy wishes to meet up. You must agree to go with him.
The first objective is to meet with Harlow who's located on Scylla. Once you click on the planet to fly there, you have the option of the exact destination: choose "Harlow's Base." Then leave your ship and select Felix to be in your party.
Immediately upon exiting the Unreliable, a guy with goggles will demand to know why you're there. Simply mention that Felix is with you, and Harlow is expecting you both. After the conversation, you can enter the large building directly in front of you and run all the way through it to find Harlow at the other end. Speak with the man.
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Felix and Harlow have a not-so-touching reunion before the latter talks about something big he has planned. He wants Felix's help, but he needs the guy to prove his loyalty first. So you must locate and kill someone who betrayed his group. He suggests you talk to the traitor's wife to find out the man's location.
You now have to go to one of the best settlements in the game, the Groundbreaker, to find a woman called Rosana. She's located within The Last Hope bar, which is on your first right after leaving the docking bay area. Her exact position is by the wall, directly across the room from the bar.
Engage her in conversation and mention Rufus Trask. She will claim to not be on speaking terms with the man, but it's clear she's not telling you everything. If you helped Junlei with the radiators earlier in the game, you can easily get her to talk by bringing it up. Otherwise, show Rosana Harlow's emblem and either lie or intimate her. Either way, she reveals that Rufus Trask is in Emerald Vale.
Next, head to the Edgewater Landing Pad on Terra 2. From there, go to the north-most part of the Emerald Vale region map, and find the hole in the seemingly inaccessible mountains. The opening is slightly east of the objective marker and has a bunch of creatures guarding it. Once you're in the right area, you will find Rufus and his crew.
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Your conversation with Rufus can be civil or not, depending on your actions. At the start of the discussion, you get a few chances to attack Rufus and his people if you want. However, you learn a lot more if you bring up his supposed betrayal of Harlow and why he allegedly did it.
Rufus will explain that Harlow is actually working with the board. In response, you should ask him for evidence, which creates an optional objective. To finish things, you can attack Rufus anyway or ask for his ring and leave peacefully.
The evidence incriminating Harlow is in his own base, so go back there. Upon entering the main door, take a sharp right. In that area, there is a little hallway to start walking down. On the left wall of the hallway is the evidence, aka Stashed Receipts, which you should pick up. Now you're ready to confront Harlow.
If you went for the evidence, then you're already in Harlow's base; otherwise, go there. Harlow is in the same spot as before, so find and talk to him. The conversation can go plenty of different ways, and there's a good chance it'll get violent, so you might want to equip Felix with a good weapon. These are the possible outcomes:
If Felix stays in your crew, you need to speak with him once you get back on the Unreliable. When the conversation ends, so does the quest.
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