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International Buccaneer Buddies, an organization that welcomes students from many different countries, is excited to spend time with each other during this nearly back-to-normal semester.
Brittany Brooks, coordinator for International Student Success, talks more about what makes IBB what it is today.
“IBB started in 2010,” Brooks said. “It was founded by an amazing professor, Brent Morrow, who has since retired.”
Since the start of the program in 2010, IBB has made many memories and friendships that will last a lifetime after graduation.
“Many of our students call it their second family, and we want to be that for all students, domestic and international,” Brooks said. “We want to be their second home, their second family and a safe place of support and friendship.”
In IBB, you are never alone. Students who apply to IBB get paired with a volunteer friend who will be a guide in the program.
“We have now been bringing together our diverse student population in friendship and acceptance for over a decade,” Brooks said.
The most recent outing the IBB students had was a trip to Roan Mountain, which many people greatly enjoyed. It brought the group even closer together as they, together, appreciated the scenery of beautiful East Tennessee.
“Roan Mountain offers some of the best views in the area, and I think students were excited to realize that this beautiful place is so close to where they live now,” Brooks said.
IBB is planning more events in the coming semester and the upcoming month, and weekly meetups will be happening soon.
“We are doing the ETSU Aerial Adventure Course this week, which will be fun,” Brooks said. “Our annual Halloween party and costume contest will be in October.”
IBB also has a weekly newsletter with updates regarding events taking place during the semester.
“Additional events will pop up throughout the semester and will be included in our weekly newsletter,” Brooks said. “Anyone who wants to receive the newsletter can sign up on our home page at etsu.edu/ISsuccess.”
IBB welcomes all students to learn and grow on campus. For more information, email [email protected]
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