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UPPER PROVIDENCE TOWNSHIP, PA — As a new fire station in Upper Providence Township moves toward completion, Friendship Ambulance will serve as the Township’s primary EMS provider.
Upper Providence Township Board of Supervisors on Monday voted unanimously to make Friendship Ambulance its primary provider of EMS services. Chief of Fire and Emergency Services Dan Kerrigan explained in the meeting a careful interview process had preceded the recommendation that the Board approved.
Kerrigan and his staff made the formal recommendation for Friendship Ambulance to enter an agreement with the Township placing EMS units inside the currently under construction fire station on Black Rock Road. The recommendation comes after a five-year process of preparation and deliberation involving representatives from Upper Providence Township and the three EMS services currently serving Township, Kerrigan explained.
“We have a lot of work to do in terms of what that is going to look like,” Kerrigan said.
Emergency Services was highlighted for a portion of Monday evening’s scheduled Upper Providence Township Board of Supervisors meeting. Kerrigan provided a look at the response and efforts put forth by Fire, EMS, Police, Emergency Management, and Public Works personnel during the flooding as a result of the remnants from Hurricane Ida.
“We thank Upper Providence Township for this opportunity and trust to continue serving the residents and visitors to the community. We also thank our EMS counterparts at Trappe Ambulance and Lower Providence Ambulance for their partnership and we look forward to working alongside their leadership and providers continuing to deliver premier pre-hospital care to not only Upper Providence but also the surrounding areas,” Friendship Ambulance said.
Friendship Ambulance has committed to placing at least one Advanced Life Support paramedic unit in the transport 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with another EMS unit staffed 12 hours a day, ready for Basic Life Support and less serious calls, to keep the Advanced unit available.
An agreement will be forged to clarify how services will be provided by each of the EMS partners, Kerrigan said. He and the Board said in the Sept. 20 meeting they were impressed with all three companies.
“Our team will work in conjunction with the leadership in Upper Providence to ensure a smooth and seamless transition as we move to this new chapter in the history of Friendship Ambulance and Royersford Fire Department,” Friendship Ambulance said.
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